Daley Open To New Bellator Contract

While it may seem odd after his behavior at Bellator 199, Paul Daley may be coming around to the idea of a new contract with Bellator.

While speaking on The MMA Hour on Monday, Daley explained that a chance meeting with Scott Coker helped assuage the discontented fighter.

“You know what it was? Fight week, I managed to spend a little bit of time with Scott Coker,” Daley revealed Monday on The MMA Hour. “It was a little bit awkward, and it seemed like it was very awkward for him to do what he did, but it got my respect in that he went around the room and I could see he was like, ‘Should I approach Paul? Is he going to do something crazy or not?’ But in the end, he came over and we exchanged some words.

“We’re going to be meeting at Bellator London next week. We’re going to have a sit-down and we’re going to hash things out, see exactly what can be done to keep ‘Semtex’ happy.”

Daley has been in a very public feud with his employer since September of 2017, and has expressed that he feels disrespected by Bellator, and prior to last week was openly saying he’s leaving the company after his final two fights. Now, it seems one conversation with the boss helped soothe some worries for “Semtex.”

“Very promising,” Daley said. “Just the fact — like I said to you when I spoke to you last time, I’d never spoken to Scott on a personal level apart from pre- and post-fight press conferences. So for him to make time, come over and say, ‘Look Paul, I’ve heard what you’ve been saying, I do want to sit down and have a chat with you’ — he wanted to do it there and then. I’m like, ‘I’m cutting weight right now. Can we do it maybe some time in the future?’ So we set the date for Friday at Bellator 200.”

In regards to his Bellator 199 fight with Jon Fitch, where in the final round he could be heard audibly booing Fitch, Bellator, and the referee, Daley claims that something shady was afoot.

“Someone didn’t want me to win that night. Someone didn’t want me to win. I know as an MMA fighter, yes, it’s up to me to make an attempt to bring the fight where I want it or whatever, Daley claimed to Ariel Helwani. “But it’s also up to Jon Fitch to try to finish the fight or do something, advance position, which he really wasn’t trying to do, or something. I feel like I was up against it that night. Up against the ref, up against Bellator, up against the home crowd.

“If that fight was in England, maybe Marc Goddard as a referee, maybe (Mike) Beltran as a referee, there would’ve been a lot more breaks in action, where the ref would’ve said, ‘Enough’s enough. Four minutes of doing nothing, Jon Fitch, you ugly bastard. That’s enough of your stalling on the ground with your pitter-patter punches. Stand back up.’ Or something. There would’ve been more moments for the fans to see like that 30 seconds that we got at the backend of the first round, and if that would’ve happened, he would’ve gotten knocked out.”

Following Bellator 199, in preparation for potential negotiations with Coker, Daley signed with Ali Abdel-Aziz’s Dominance MMA firm. Abdel-Aziz has become somewhat of a power broker in terms of MMA managers, and has an excellent relationship with the UFC, which may lead to the at one point unimaginable return of Daley to the UFC.

“Who knows?” Daley said. “I’ve got two fights on my contract. We’ll see what Bellator does. I had a lot of promises at the start. Hopefully the meeting with Scott next Friday goes very well and we can sort things out, we can make entertaining fights that can keep me active as promised, allow me to do kickboxing for Bellator Kickboxing as promised, and we can get a lot of things done. Otherwise, I’m going to have to drag Nick Diaz out of rehab.

“I heard he’s in rehab, he’s having a tough time, so I’ll have to drag his ugly ass out of rehab and get the rematch with him and put on another entertaining fight for the fans. And who knows, maybe we get Nick Diaz over to Bellator. Maybe I do these two fights, I go across to the UFC and help the dude out. We’ll see what’s up.”

Story Via: MMA Fighting

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