Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Takes Up Boxing For The Upcoming Season

The Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher Micah Parsons is working with a boxing trainer to prepare for the new season.

Parsons got into the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams in all of his three seasons with the NFL. He is expected to be a mainstay figure for the new season. During last year’s season, he amassed 64 tackles and a career-highest of 14 sacks. That put him in third for the Defensive Player of the Year. Now, he is adding some speed to his hands with a boxing trainer. The following clip shows Parsons working the heavy bag, shadow boxing and hitting the pads.

“Just like in football, in boxing, you get your most power when you’re balanced. And it’s great because just like in football, your hands and feet have to be synchronized. So, I’m working so much on just my hands and feet moving together, stepping into my jab, turning into my one-two. Everything turns out better for me.

“Mike [McCarthy] and I talked multiple times this offseason about how can we create more self-discipline, how can we eliminate the penalties, how can we create a better environment to be better. It starts with me. That’s why I’ve been putting so much into that. You’ve got to learn how to lead. You have to learn almost everything in life…I realized I need to increase my spirit, so when others are down, my spirit rises,” Parsons said 


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