Dallas Cowboys’ Parsons & Quinn Incorporate Boxing Into Their Offseason Training

The Dallas Cowboys‘ linebacker Micah Parsons has urged his teammates to join him in the ring for his offseason training. 

The move already appears to have had an impact as shown by teammate Dan Quinn joining Parsons in an intense boxing routine.

In the video here, we can see the pair shadow boxing and hitting the heavy bag as they put their skills to the test in a boxing gym. 

Any margin that will make the Cowboys better is bound to be welcomed. In their season last year, the team finished fifth in the NFL in the points per game. And in doing so, they also managed to reach the playoffs. 

And by the looks of it, Parsons is keen on taking the team to another level which is why boxing could be the difference. 

“I got tired of people punching me in my face. I’m a smaller end, and these guys are long. Just learning how to keep my hands up, knocking it down, defending my chest, defending my face, and just being smooth.

“It’s gonna be a really cool year. I’m probably gonna play like eight positions this year. … Anything that’s in that front seven and some coverage. I’m telling you I’m gonna do it all. It’s gonna be a year to remember for sure,” Parsons

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