Dan Hardy Considering Return At MSG Show

Even though he’s broadcasting cageside, Dan Hardy is considering one more go inside the Octagon.

The semi-retired British fighters said in a recent interview that if he came back, it may not be at welterweight, the weight class he would fight at for most of his career, including a title shot against Georges St-Pierre.

“If I was gonna come back, I’d want a name,” said Hardy.

“There’s a lot of guys in the lightweight division I would look at, there’s a lot of guys in the welterweight division I would look at. If I had my own choice I would take a fight at 161 [pounds] or 162 [pounds] and have that as a new weight class. There’s a need for a weight class in between those two weight classes and part of the resistance is Dana [White] doesn’t want to move the welterweight division to 175 [pounds], and I absolutely agree but that 161/162 weight class would be perfect for the guys moving up to welterweight or down to lightweight. For me, I would fight anybody in that weight class.”

Even though Hardy was diagnosed with the heart disorder, Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome, he may try to fight one more time, on the biggest stage in fighting, Madison Square Garden.

“I like Madison Square Garden,” said Hardy. “I know there’s a November card coming up and there’s still time to get on that. If the offer is right, and everything moves in that direction, if not, maybe early next year.”

With the return to MSG set for November 10th, Hardy has enough time to return to the USADA testing pool for a period of four months to be allowed for a fight.

“I need to do the four-month USADA testing pool and the likelihood is I’ve got one more fight so I’m in no massive rush to get back into that,” said Hardy.

“It’s a very intrusive program which I like as a fan, as an analyst, and as a member of the UFC staff but as a fighter, I don’t need people knocking on my door at 5 o’clock in the morning knocking on my door and asking me to pee in a cup, but I will do it for one more fight when the time is right.”

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