Dan Hardy: Herb Dean ‘Makes A Mistake Almost On A Weekly Basis’

Now that Dan Hardy is no longer a UFC analyst, he feels free to let his opinion on referee Herb Dean be heard.

Back in July 2020, Hardy got heated with Dean during a UFC Fight Night card. Dean was officiating Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jai Herbert. While Herbert was going well in the fight, Trinaldo dropped him and rained down punches. Hardy yelled, “stop the fight” towards Herb because he felt the bout was going on for too long.

After Herb called the fight, Hardy has some words for the official. The UFC addressed Hardy on the situation and UFC President Dana White made it clear that he wasn’t too thrilled with what had transpired.

Hardy is no longer with the UFC as a commentator after reportedly getting into a disagreement with an employee. “The Outlaw” believes it was a final straw situation and that his incident with Herb lingered.

During an appearance on Submission Radio, Hardy expressed his belief that Dean needs to be called out on his errors (h/t Bloody Elbow).

“So, I’m the stop the fight guy. I don’t know if I can swear on your show, but [expletive] it, I don’t care, because I’m speaking out for something that’s important. And it’s like this weird misinformation that’s happened about it, where I’m like there picking a fight for some kind of personal benefit. It’s just [expletive] nonsense. Like, what a stupid thing to say.

“Like, I don’t really know Jai Herbert. I know him as well as I know Trinaldo. It doesn’t matter if the situation was reversed, it’d be the same situation. And it’s not about Herb, but like, generally we have mistakes made consistently in the sport. … I mean, you can see now I can speak, so I can say exactly what I like, I don’t get it. Like, he’s working the majority of the events in Las Vegas, he’s considered the gold standard of the sport, but he makes a mistake almost on a weekly basis at this point. Like, who’s gonna call him out on it? I’ll do it. I don’t care.”

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