Dan Hardy On How PFL’s Purchase Of Bellator Is Changing The MMA Landscape

The PFL purchasing Bellator has created one of the most significant seismic shift that the MMA industry has seen in quite some time, but not everyone in the MMA community believes in their plan for success.

Naturally, their biggest competitor, Dana White and the UFC, has always been their harshest critic. White has consistently downplayed the PFL’s business move over the last few weeks, and refuses to acknowledge them as the co-leading promotion.

Dan Hardy, former UFC welterweight title challenger and current Head of Fighter Operations for PFL Europe, has issued a firm yet respectful response to the negative comments from White. Additionally, while crediting the UFC for what they have done for the sport, he explained the significance of the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator and the direction that he believes the organization will take the MMA industry.

“It brings two big rosters together. Bellator have got some great fighters and you can argue that some of the guys in Bellator are the best in the world at that weight class. Unfortunately, of course, we know we’re not going to get to see a lot of those crossover fights with UFC champions but with Bellator and PFL champions coming together, I think it creates more interest for the fans and creates more conversation about where the best fighters in the world are.”

“The UFC had a massive head start on everybody, and they’ve done amazing things for the sport and I’ll always appreciate and respect what they’ve done, what Dana has done for the sport of mixed martial arts and the opportunities that were given to me.

“But ultimately, mixed martial arts needs to continue moving forward, and I think the pure sport format of PFL really appeals to a lot more fans, especially given the fact that the UFC’s started to gravitate more towards the entertainment industry”

-Dan Hardy via Submission Radio

PFL Founder Donn Davis has also recently been releasing statements indicating that they are making the UFC nervous with the moves they are making. He also added that in certain scenarios the PFL and Bellator could be outperforming the UFC given the current pool of fighters and potential matchups.


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