Dana: If Cormier Wants Lesnar, It’ll Happen

From the moment Daniel Cormier won the UFC heavyweight championship in July of 2018, he’s wanted Brock Lesnar.

Cormier, who aims to retire in the near future, feels Lesnar is the best possible fight for him to retire on, as the payday for it would be a career high.

Following his confrontation with Daniel Cormier after UFC 226, esnar has re-entered the USADA pool in 2018 and sitting out the remainder of a USADA suspension for his failed UFC 200 test.

And while Lesnar has taken the steps to be cleared for a fight, he has still been under contract with the WWE, and rumored to be a focus of the Smackdown Live Brand as they move from USA to Fox this October.

“First of all, Brock Lesnar wants to come back. I don’t know when and when we’ll get it done,” White said during the UFC 236 post-fight scrum. “Daniel Cormier has done everything we’ve ever asked him. He’s fought everybody we’ve ever wanted. He’s been a great champion. He’s an incredible ambassador to the sport.

“If he wants the Brock Lesnar fight, why shouldn’t he get the Brock Lesnar fight? He’s talking about retiring and he wants to fight Lesnar.”

As reported numerous times since 2018, Cormier was intent on retiring by his 40th birthday on March 20th, but a back injury has kept Cormier from the Octagon. On-top of the injury, White feels Cormier has two fights he has to do before walking away from the sport.

“He’s still got two nasty fights before he retires,” White said of Cormier. “He’s got Jon Jones and he’s got Stipe Miocic. If the guy wants to fight Brock Lesnar, he’s going to fight Brock Lesnar if I can get it done and if I can make it happen.

“I don’t know when but like I said, Brock lets me know when he’s ready.”

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