Dana Talks Lesnar Staying With WWE Over UFC Return

Brock Lesnar decided earlier this year that he’d rather make big money within the world of sports entertainment, than risk a less than advantageous pay day in a UFC return.

Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion decide to walk away from MMA and stay in pro wrestling earlier this year due to a reported issue with the UFC’s new deal with ESPN, that would limit the potential pay per view audience, therefore limiting the amount of money he could make from a points deal with the Endeavor owned organization.

“I wasn’t pissed at all,” UFC president Dana White said on Tuesday on an Instagram live video.

“Listen to fight in this business you have to be 100 percent invested. You’ve got to be in. It’s not where his head was. He made the right decision.”

Lesnar is currently a central focus of WWE programming, with more focus sure to come heading into the WWE’s move of their Smackdown Live program from USA to FOX this October.

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