Dana White Anticipates A Strong Interest In The UFC’s Broadcasting Rights

Dana White expects many parties to be interested in acquiring the UFC’s broadcasting rights. 

The UFC’s deal with ESPN runs out next year. The deal was signed in 2018, which is worth $1.5 billion. It allowed ESPN to air UFC fights exclusively, including PPV bouts. Starting next year, the UFC can begin speaking with other platforms. DAZN is in the combat sports field. They are working with the Saudis to broadcast boxing fights across the world. The UFC has enough of a fanbase to offer the platform something to consider. 

Elsewhere, Netflix is also an option. They signed a $5 billion deal to broadcast WWE’s Monday Night Raw. This will be for ten years. Following the UFC and WWE’s merger with TKO Group Holdings Inc., there is a possibility of the UFC coming on board. Netflix also has mass appeal as they will air Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson on November 15. 

Another streaming platform is Amazon Prime Video. PBC inked a deal with Amazon Prime Video and has held three PPV events so far. Amazon has over 160 million subscribers in the US, offering the UFC a big market. While there is the option to continue with ESPN, White has stated there are several avenues available. 

“Listen, I think everyone is kicking the tires and is interested in making a bid. Yeah, everyone is kicking the tires. And over the however many last years that we’ve been together, I’ve had some headbutting with ESPN, but I feel like we are in a really good place right now and I’m really happy with my relationship with them and the way that this whole thing is running. We’ll see how it plays out,” White said


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