Dana White On The Impact Of Bellator’s Undoing – “It’s Not A Good Thing”

On Saturday, following UFC 296, Dana White took a more serious tone than usual while discussing the PFL’s purchase of Bellator.

The UFC’s CEO has always been quite outspoken regarding how he feels about the acquisition, but this time he gave the press a different thought in response to how he feels about Bellator no longer existing in the same form as before.

“It is a bad thing, It’s not a good thing for there to be less options, not only for fighters who are fighting, but guys who are coming up to have less options. So, yes, it’s definitely not a good thing.”

-Dana White

Generally speaking, most questions about the competition during UFC press conferences are met with a slightly more aggressive answer. This is in part due to the fact that the PFL has begun to refer to themselves as the co-leader in the current MMA space, a claim with which White does not agree.

“I’ve covered this before; you must’ve not heard it,” White said with mocking undertones. “One sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches buys another sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches. It sounds like a f*cking winner to me, boy. Right? Woo! Go, guys!”

The combination of rosters with PFL’s purchase of Bellator could very well offer the fans some interesting matches to come in 2024. But, whether they can generate the same kind of interest that the UFC does is an entirely different conversation.

PFL founder Donn Davis feels that White’s shift in nature each time the topic is brought up is due to him being worried about the potential powerhouse that has been created.

“Everybody knows Dana well enough that he only dismisses things that worry him. Or else he just doesn’t comment… He’s commented on the PFL a lot the last six months.”

-PFL Founder Donn Davis

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