Dana White Doesn’t Want To Be Friends With Oscar De La Hoya Again

UFC President Dana White doesn’t want to make up with Oscar De La Hoya.

White and De La Hoya have been on each other’s bad sides for the last few years, repeatedly going after one another on social media. But earlier this year, De La Hoya apologized and suggested they should work together on future business endeavors.

White recently responded to the gesture on a Fan Q&A with GQ Sports.

“I feel like De La Hoya’s apology was sincere, but there’s no way that he and I can ever be friends again,” White said.

“He and I were actually friends. I used to go to his fights. I used to watch his fights. I used to promote his fights. That guy did way too much damage for us to ever be friends again. I appreciate his apology. I get it. We’re cool, but we’re never going to be that cool.”

The bad blood dates back to when Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in a boxing match, which the UFC helped promote. The two were on good terms until De La Hoya called out the Mayweather-McGregor matchup as “disrespecting the sport of boxing.”

De La Hoya stepped into the MMA space just once, which was to promote a trilogy for Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, which White was not a fan of.

De La Hoya hasn’t done anything with MMA since then. White previously planned to launch Zuffa boxing in October 2019, but it never happened.

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