Dana White Elaborates On Delayed Conor McGregor Return – “He Does Want To Fight This Year, But We’ll See What Happens.”

Following UFC 298 in Anaheim this past weekend, Dana White gave the press a brief Conor McGregor return update.

Unfortunately, the UFC CEO’s elaboration on the situation did not make an imminent comeback seem overly likely, and indicated the timeline is completely out of his control.

Following the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter, the thought was that McGregor would square off with opposing coach Michael Chandler soon after the season ended. Despite this assumption, the bout has yet to come to fruition, even with what seems like willingness from both competitors and the organization.

“First problem was that he broke that shin bone. He was recovering from that. That was one of the reasons,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, during Saturday’s UFC 298 post-event news conference. “The other problem is he’s f*cking rich.”

“I don’t know. Conor McGregor’s got a lot of money. Any time we get Conor, we’ll be happy. You know, we’ll be thrilled when he comes and fights,” White said. “Money complicates a lot of things. He just filmed a movie. He’s got to do the press for the movie, and he’s got obligations with that. He does want to fight this year, but we’ll see what happens.”

While at first it did seem like White was blaming McGregor for the prolonged time away from the sport, he did take the time to praise the former two division champion for all that he has done for the UFC. Even though White is surely not happy about the length of time it has taken for them to try and put together the fight with Chandler, he did not seem frustrated by the current scenario.

“Conor McGregor has probably been one of the best business partners we’ve ever had,” White said. “Getting Conor to show up to sh*t on time is a problem. But Conor, as far as the business goes, everybody talks about how Conor used to be on the dole and all this stuff. For a guy that was on the dole, Conor McGregor is a very good business man, and Conor McGregor has always been a great partner to us. There’s never any hanging out and haggling for money or, you know, ‘You pay me more money.’ Conor McGregor has never done anything even remotely close to that. It’s the exact opposite.

“When it’s time to dig in and get to work and make money, he’s probably the most incredible partner we’ve ever had to be honest with you.”

While the speculation throughout the MMA community was that there was a plan under wraps that certainly put McGregor back in the Octagon this year, as things currently stand that does not seem to be the case.

McGregor has not fought since injuring his ankle in the trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier over 30-months ago back at UFC 264.


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