Dana White ‘Excited’ By The UFC-WWE Merger, TKO’s Share Price Rises 2.6% On NYSE Debut

Dana White has welcomed the merger between the UFC and WWE that became official on September 12th, 2023.

UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, joined with the WWE to form TKO Group Holdings, Inc. Endeavor and the WWE will have a 51 and 49 percent share, respectively. The move will also see the company trade on the New York Exchange. In addition, White’s role has also been upgraded from President to the CEO of the UFC.

The venture also coincides with the recent move by the PFL to receive over $100 million in investment from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) after the PFL sold a stake to SRJ Sports Investments. Therefore, the news was welcomed by White as the UFC continues to face increased competition from other organizations. The move will not only allow the UFC to remain competitive, but it will also allow for the potential of crossover fights with UFC and WWE fighters potentially fighting under both organizations. With that being said, White predicted a bright future moving forward.

“I’m excited about the future and what we’re going to do. And I always am, regardless, but after this merger, we’re just so much more powerful than we were yesterday. Everything that goes on here I determine. Nothing has changed, just three letters instead of (nine).

“We’re just going to continue to kick ass like we do every single year. For people that are fighters or media or whoever, this just takes this whole thing to another level. It’s so much bigger and so much more powerful. When you think about all the things that I want to do before my time is up here, today made that a lot easier and a lot more doable,” White

The results have been immediate, with TKO Group Holdings’ stock price increasing by 2.6 percent on the first day of the exchange. The share prices began at $102 per share and ended at $103.25. In addition, Endeavor Group Holdings also increased its share price to $22.66 per share, which was an increase of 2.28 percent.

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