Dana White Explains How UFC Fighters Can Make More Money Like Kevin Holland

UFC President Dana White had a solution for the fighters who claim that they are not paid enough for throwing their bodies on the line inside the cage.

Speaking on this week’s episode of Dana White’s Contender Series, he explained how fighters should follow in Kevin Holland’s footsteps if they want to make big bucks.

“My boy big mouth. Look at what he did, how that whole thing played out between him and me. Then, he ends up coming into the UFC. Do you know how much money that kid’s made? It’s crazy,” White said. “You stay active. You’re a professional fighter. That’s what you do. And if you can fight often, you should. A, you get paid more money. You get paid a lot more money. And you burn out your contracts faster, which you keep going like this.”

Holland has had at least three fights every year since 2019. In 2020, he appeared in a whopping five fights, winning all of them.

According to MMA Salaries, Holland has made $790,000 in his last seven fights. This explains why the UFC middleweight has been spending his money on luxurious vehicles nowadays.

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“The bottom line is: The more you fight, the more people see you; the more famous you become; obviously, if you keep winning, you work your way up; and you make a shitload of money. Why would you not?” White asked.

The UFC kingpin made it clear that he doesn’t want to listen to any more complaints about the pay. He feels that sitting out a year or two, waiting for a good fight purse is a strategy that most fights have played with him, but it never worked out.

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