Dana White Eyes Vegas Sphere For Mexican Independence UFC Event Next Year

Dana White has an ideal location for next year’s Mexican Independence Day event following the recent success of UFC Noche.

The UFC held its first event on Mexican Independence Day when Valentina Shevchenko faced off against Alexa Grasso in a controversial split draw. Mike Bell’s scorecard of 10-8 to Grasso in the final round meant there was nothing to separate the two fighters. Thereafter, there were calls for a rematch from White as well as Shevchenko. And the success of the event has only assured White that fights on Mexican Independence Day were the way forward.

“First of all, the balls to open that place and do what they’re doing. Then, to come in and hit an absolute grand slam, home run with the opening. You all know I want that date. That’s what I want. I want to do Mexican Independence Day there. Imagine the show I can put on at the Sphere with Mexican Independence Day. So yeah, we’ll f*cking put on an incredible show in that amazing arena for the next Mexican Independence Day. I’m very excited about it,” White

But in doing so, White may have to go up against other combat sports, including boxing. Boxing has a rich history of Mexican fighters, which is why Mexican Independence Day has become such a big event. While that could result in the audience being split across two sports, White is backing his brand to stand up against the other sports.

“It’s not (just) a ‘check it out.’ Everybody was buzzing about the U2 concert on Saturday. They said it was incredible. The guys from MSG, who I have a great relationship, and the guys who own it, MSG does everything right,” White

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