Dana White Given A New Role Following The UFC And WWE’s Merger

The merger between the UFC and WWE has now become official, with Dana White being given a new role.

The move has seen Endeavor, UFC’s parent company, join WWE to create TKO Group Holdings, Inc. The make-up of the venture means that Endeavor has a controlling interest of 51 percent. As for the WWE, it has a 49 percent share. And as part of that process, the company will be visible on the New York Exchange. With that being said, White has been given a new role in the form of a CEO, as opposed to his former role as President of the UFC.

“Dana White is now Chief Executive Officer of UFC and Lawrence Epstein remains Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of UFC. Nick Khan continues at WWE in the role of President,” Official Statement

The move will allow the UFC to hold more crossover events, as UFC fighters could enter into WWE and vice versa. In addition, the rise of the PFL has given the UFC something to think about. The departure of Francis Ngannou had shown that fighters are capable of leaving the organization in search of bigger paydays. That is why White and the UFC will want to hold on to their best talent. And this may be a way of doing that.

“The creation of TKO marks an exciting new chapter for UFC and WWE as leaders in global sports and entertainment. Given their continued connectivity to the Endeavor network, we are confident in our ability to accelerate their respective growth and unlock long-term sustainable value for shareholders. With UFC and WWE under one roof, we will provide unrivaled experiences for more than a billion passionate fans worldwide,” Ari Emanuel

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