Dana White Hits Out At Showtime’s Production – ‘Horrible, Those Guys Suck’

Dana White criticized Showtime following the backlash he has received over his Power Slap venture.

White’s involvement in the sport raised serious question marks over the safety of those participating. However, the UFC president defended it and attacked his competitors in this process.

Showtime came into the line of fire, as White did not hold back on his words. 

“Watch some of these boxing events that are on. I mean, Showtime is f***ing horrible. Those guys suck so bad; you f***ing guys could show up with your f***ing video cameras and do a better job than Showtime.

“Seriously, it’s the worst production in all of television. F***ing PBS has better f***ing programming than Showtime. It’s horrible. Everybody that works on that f***ing show should be embarrassed,” Dana White said

The UFC has put on some mega events. Since the UFC’s deal with ESPN and ESPN+, the organization has gone from strength to strength. 

In addition, given that the UFC has also put their successful ‘TUF’ series out there, it appears to be in a good place.

And in a business where White is looking to stay ahead of his competitors, it is only natural that there is fighting talk.

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