Dana White Hoping To Make ‘Slap Fighting’ A Commissioned Sport In Nevada

UFC President Dana White has truly evolved the sport in almost every aspect and now he is at it again.

He is working with former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta to make “slap fighting” a commissioned sport in Nevada.

Schiaffo LLC, a company owned by both individuals, is opting for a discussion to sanction it to the Nevada State Athletic Commission soon.

The discussion will be heavily focused on whether slap fighting should be considered unarmed combat under the commission’s jurisdiction. If the commission thinks so, White will be one step closer to bringing slap fighting to the state of Nevada.

White and Fertita have been long-term friends and business partners. They bought UFC in 2001 through Zuffa LLC and created a global empire out of it.

In recent times, the UFC president has teased the audience about his plans for slap-fighting in his Instagram stories.

Slap fighting gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic through numerous viral videos on social media.

Normally, two individuals take the stage and slap each other continuously until one of them loses consciousness.

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