Dana White Makes Hefty Donation To Fighter Who Lost His Legs

UFC President Dana White has been in the news mostly when he’s under criticism for not paying his fighters enough, but his latest antics have earned him a lot of praise.

The MMA organization chief has reportedly sent John Esposito $10,000 in donation. Esposito is a New Jersey-based Muay Thai fighter who recently met an accident at work which resulted in the loss of both legs.

Despite the loss of his limbs, he is still keen to train in the sport he loves.

The incident has been highlighted on social media just now, but it dates back to December 2021, when a car drove into Esposito’s back out of nowhere while he was at his day job as a roadworker, filling in potholes on the side of the motorway.

The vehicle pinned him against a trailer and he was moved to a medical facility in a critical state.

In a conversation with TMZ Sports, Esposito said:

“Halfway through the flight on the medivac, I flat-lined. They were able to resuscitate me, though, and bring me back to life.”

After returning home, he resumed his Muay Thai training, hitting pads from his wheelchair.

Once his story went viral on the internet, Liam Tarrant, founder and president of The Muay Thai Project, set up a GoFundMe for him.

By Thursday, White’s donation had reportedly helped the total money raised reach $27,000.

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