Dana White on Clay Guida’s Fake Retirement: ‘That P***ed Me Off’

Dana White was displeased when Clay Guida appeared to fake his retirement after losing to Rafa Garcia via a unanimous decision.

Thereafter, Guida removed his gloves and was invited for an interview with Daniel Cormier. And as he began to speak, it appeared that Guida had decided to call time on his UFC career.

Cornier: “Clay, you took your gloves off. Are you walking away from the game?”

Guida: “What do you say, Kansas city? Let me hear you guys. What do you say, Kansas city?”

While that may have been the case, Guida quickly changed his tune. Subsequently, he sent multiple joyful birthday wishes, one for his mom, who was present in the audience witnessing her son’s 60th bout.

“I tricked you guys. There ain’t no way I’m walking away yet.

“I want to congratulate this young man Rafa Garcia and I want to ask Rafa Garcia to trade gloves with me because that was a heck of a performance by him,” Guida

After the event, Dana White was questioned regarding Guida’s behavior, as he was not pleased.

“That p***ed me off, actually. That p***ed me off. I like him. He’s a nice guy. But you faking your retirement so you can say f***ing happy birthday to somebody?

“We’re running a live event here. I was not happy about that. … Yeah, that was not good.”

The response on social media, though, was mixed.

Social Media Reaction

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