Dana White On Colby Covington’s Pre-UFC 296 Trash Talk – “It Bothered Everybody”

Most of the MMA fan base have come to accept that trash talk just comes with the territory. This past week in the buildup to UFC 296, however, Dana White feels that Colby Covington went too far.

During the pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas, Covington was going off on Leon Edwards in the fashion that he has come to be known for. But, in an effort to get his opponent’s emotions flaring, “Chaos” took a jab at Edwards’ father, who was murdered when the welterweight champion was 13 years old.

The comment prompted Edwards to throw a water bottle in Covington’s direction before he got up from his chair and attempted to make his way across the stage towards the 3-time title challenger. Security was able to get in between the pair, but Covington’s goal in getting a rise out of his opponent had been achieved.

After Saturday’s event, Dana White was asked for his thoughts on the situation, and even he feels that a line was crossed.

“It bothered everybody,” White said at the UFC 296 post-fight press conference. “What I say, it’s true: We’re in the fight game, and lots of mean things are said. (But) one of the things that I really don’t like is family (trash talk).

“When you start going after family, whether it’s the kids, the wife, the parents, whatever, it’s just such a nasty thing to do. But again, this is one of those sports where you say horrible things and then 24 hours later it goes down.”

(h/t MMAJunkie.com)

Edwards (22-3) went on to get the best of Covington (17-4) in the main event at UFC 296, retaining his 170-pound title by winning 4 of 5 rounds, and displaying a well-rounded skill set in the process. This victory increased Edwards’ unbeaten streak to twelve, and the champion has now successfully defended his title twice since being crowned in August 2022.

Despite how the UFC’s CEO felt regarding the over-the-line comments from Covington, he followed up his statement by explaining that he does not censor his fighters.

“I don’t ever tell anyone what to say,” White said. “You know what we will say: ‘Guys, when you go out on that stage, do not touch each other.’ Everybody thinks that I love when these type of things break. No, I don’t love it. More importantly, the commission doesn’t love it, and the commission is the government.

“So no, we don’t like this stuff, and we do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

(h/t MMAJunkie.com)

Regardless of how the UFC brass and most individuals present for the exchange felt about the tasteless comments, Covington expressed after the match that he did not regret what he said. Keep in mind, this interview came very shortly after what is being considering one of Covington’s least note-worthy performances so far in his career. There may have been some bitterness in the air that contributed to his response.

“Not at all. Why would I have sympathy for a s*x trafficker. Someone who’s impacted and hurt a lot of people’s lives. The truth always stings the worst in the world. So,no, I don’t feel bad about that at all.”

“Let’s talk about all the victims that he left behind that are surviving all the trauma and the turmoil that he put these people’s lives through. I don’t feel bad at all. Why would I feel bad for a criminal?”

(h/t Sportskeeda.com)

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