Dana White On McGregor Vs. Chandler Being Next: ‘I Never Said That’

Last week, it was reported that McGregor vs. Chandler is "likely" to be next.

UFC President Dana White is clearing the air about Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler.  

It’s not happening – at least not yet, White clarified during Saturday’s UFC post-fight press conference. The UFC head said he doesn’t even know when McGregor is returning. 

Last week it was reported that McGregor vs Chandler is “likely” to be next. 

“I never said that, ever f– once,” White said.  

“This is what happens when you do interviews, and people listen to your interviews. They said, ‘So, if Conor McGregor came back right now, who would you be lookin’ at as an opponent?’ I said, ‘Well, if he did, if that happened, and that scenario played out right now, Chandler would be a fun fight. Never f— once did I say Conor McGregor vs. Chandler. I don’t even know when Conor McGregor’s coming back. 

“And this is why I don’t like to answer these kinds of questions. Because some f— idiot somewhere on the internet puts out that that’s what I said, and it’s not even remotely close to what I said.” 

McGregor’s return remains uncertain as the UFC is waiting for him to re-enter the USADA drug testing pool. He has to be in the pool for six months before returning to competition, according to the USADA. 

The Irish star can, however, get an exemption by the UFC and USADA, but that has yet to be the case. 

Recently, people like commentor Joe Rogan have accused McGregor of using drugs following photos of the fighter’s huge transformation. McGregor previously alluded that when he returns, he would debut as a welterweight, and no longer be a lightweight. 

Chandler, meanwhile, most recently lost to Dustin Poirier – who broke McGregor’s leg in July 2021 that has sidelined him since – at UFC 281 last month. Despite being 1-3 in his last four fights, the former Bellator champion is still considered one of the division’s top contenders. 

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