Dana White Orders Peloton Bikes Out Of UFC Gym

Dana White has removed Peloton bikes from the UFC Performance Institute after the comedian Theo Von’s admission that the company wanted an episode of his podcast removed. 

Von alleged that since Peloton was sponsoring his podcast, they were unhappy with an interview he had conducted with presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. The interview in question led to the CEO of the UFC hitting out at the company and its CEO, Barry McCarthy.

“So Peloton, what do they sell f****** stationary bikes? Peloton sells stationary bikes and they’ve got a problem with Robert f****** Kennedy? F*** you, Peloton. Who the f*** are they? Are you f****** kidding me? F****** Peloton calling and b****** about Robert Kennedy. Let’s see Barry McCarthy. Oh f****** Barry McCarthy looks like that guy, 100 percent. He looks like a douchebag,” White

As White and Von were in discussion, the former called the UFC’s Executive Vice President of Operations and Productions, Craig Borsari, to remove the bikes. 

“Do we have Pelotons in the gym? Are those Pelotons? We’re getting rid of them. We’re getting rid of the Pelotons. Pelotons are out of the gym. That’s what you do. You stop f****** using their products and f*** them. I’m not bulls******* you, you can film us. My guys are going to take the Pelotons out of the gym today. We’re getting rid of them,” White

This is not the first time that White has had issues with UFC sponsors. He previously recalled one sponsor taking issue with his support for Donald Trump during the latter’s presidential run. White had spoken at the 2016 Republican National Convention to show his support, which did not sit well with the sponsor. So this time around, White was equally not going to take any prisoners when it came to Peloton’s apparent censorship.


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