Dana White Plans To Expose Media Coverage Practices Via New Documentary

Dana White is in the process of working on a new documentary that will he claims will expose the media and the way they cover the UFC.

This will come in addition to a monumentally packed year for White with the introduction of his new “Power Slap” promotion, the highly anticipated Ultimate Fighter Season 31, and continuing to execute weekly events for the UFC.

Furthermore, White has disclosed that he will not be conservative when it comes to using specific names in the upcoming documentary. He also mentioned that he is planning a future project in which he will do something similar, outlining the media’s coverage of “Power Slap”.

“It’s just like when we went through COVID, you know and I had to listen to all the bullshit as we went through COVID. And then after I came out with a little documentary I did about the media going into COVID. Which is gonna be even bigger, I’m working on even a bigger piece about the media…Wait ‘till you see this bad boy…Faces, publications, names, what they said, the whole deal. It’s gonna live forever. And I’ll do the same thing with Power Slap once we get where we’re going.”

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