Dana White Responds To McGregor’s December Fight Claim

Conor McGregor has revealed his intention is to step into the Octagon against the formidable Michael Chandler in December.

Although the tweet was later taken down, the tantalizing possibility of this epic clash had fight enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

“I’m going to take him to the 3rd and torture him,” McGregor 

When pressed about the fight’s timing, the charismatic Irishman succinctly replied: “December,” leaving fans eagerly awaiting the official confirmation.

Originally, Dana White had plans for McGregor to face off against Chandler in the autumn.

However, questions arose when it was revealed that McGregor had not yet enrolled in the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing program, casting doubts on his potential return to the Octagon.

McGregor’s absence from the testing pool left fight enthusiasts wondering whether the two-division champion would ever grace the UFC stage again.

During a conversation between Dana White and TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, the UFC President shared his hopes regarding McGregor’s comeback, stating, “I hope so.”

When asked about the possibility of a showdown between McGregor and Chandler later this year, White’s response left no room for doubt: “One hundred percent, yeah.”

The topic of Conor McGregor’s USADA testing status was raised, and White confirmed that he had not reentered the testing pool.

With uncertainty looming, White acknowledged, “We’ll see how that plays out,” emphasizing his focus on the present rather than hypothetical scenarios.

As the MMA world eagerly awaits the confirmation of Conor McGregor’s next move, the prospect of an electrifying clash with Michael Chandler in December remains tantalizingly within reach.

With all eyes on these two formidable fighters, fans can only hope for an unforgettable battle inside the Octagon.

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