Dana White Says Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Exceeded His Expectations

UFC President Dana White says Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. looked better than he anticipated.

Tyson and Jones shared the ring this past Saturday, November 28. The exhibition match headlined a card promoted by Triller. Tyson and Jones ended up slugging it out for all eight rounds. No winner was declared.

White spoke to media members following UFC Vegas 15, which was held on the same night as Tyson vs. Jones. The UFC boss said he couldn’t believe how fluid Tyson looked inside the ring despite his time away from the action and his age (via MMAFighting.com).

“You guys have been asking me questions leading up to this thing, and I didn’t want to say anything negative, because I love Tyson and he’s a good friend of mine. He’s 56 years old. Time is undefeated. Time takes us all down, and one of the things that I was worried for Mike is he has this incredible aura still, and 56 years old [Tyson is 54], fighting is a young man’s game. All that being said, he looked f*cking awesome tonight. I was blown away by how good he looked.”

White went on to say he wishes both Tyson and Jones great success following the event.

“I was worried about Roy – Roy is 51 years old, but Roy has been way more active than Tyson has been, but Roy actually got more tired than Mike tonight, which was shocking. I’m happy for them. I hope they both made a zillion f*cking dollars, and it exceeded my expectations.”

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