Dana White Targets For Conor McGregor To Return As ‘Headliner’

As Conor McGregor nears his octagon return, UFC President Dana White already has plans for the Irish sensation.

White plans to make McGregor a “headliner” in his return and, despite the fighter’s four-month leave, he’s still naming him as “one of the top 10 guys in the world.”

“He’s still one of the top 10 guys in the world. I mean, he’s still one of the top 10 best guys in the world,” he told Pardon My Take.

McGregor has headlined 10 UFC events during his eight-year tenure in the UFC.

Of the 10, he’s lost to Nate Diaz in their first fight, Khabib Nurmagomedov and in two fights against Dustin Poirier.

The Irishman has been sidelined because he suffered a fractured tibia in his third fight versus Poirier in July.

The “Notorious” has taken the promotion and sport by storm because of his personality, outspokenness and overall talent in the sport.

All of UFC’s five highest-selling pay-per-view events belong to fights the 33-year-old has been in.

The bitter feud with Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 tops the charts with 2.4 million buys. The second and third fights with Poirier and his rematch against Diaz generated 1.6 million buys a piece.

“It would depend on who he’s fighting and things like that, but yeah, Conor [McGregor] coming back is a headliner,” White continued.

“Eventually once you start to go in that direction, when a guy gets to Conor’s level, this conversation about Nate Diaz, these guys are making big money. I want these guys to stick around and get as much as they can before it’s over.”

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