Dana White’s Exposed Comments On “Scumbag” and “Punk” Jon Jones

Earlier this week, unsealed court documents involved in the Zuffa antitrust lawsuit exposed Dana White’s 2014 conversation regarding negotiations with Jon Jones.

The conversation took place following another round of negotiations with the UFC brass, including Lorenzo Fertitta, who were working on setting up a 205-pound title rematch between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

“What’s up with Jones? Did he straighten up or is he still being a scumbag?” White texted then-UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta

“Still a douche, but we’re inching closer,” Fertitta responded. “Haven’t moved on money, but sent the letter with an ultimatum.”

“Awesome,” White responded. “F*** that punk, Lorenzo. He needs to know we don’t need him, or he will f*** us over more than he already does.”

(h/t MMAFighting)

The antitrust lawsuit accuses the UFC’s parent company of holding a monopoly in the MMA industry, and abusing its power to suppress wages. Over the last few months, many text message and email conversations have been released, unveiling some of the unfortunate business practices and negotiation tactics that White and company have used over the years.

When questioned on some of the comments made towards the former light heavyweight champion, White responded by reminding the room that Jones has been known for questionable decisions in his personal life.

“So you wanted Mr. Fertitta to let Mr. Jones know that the UFC didn’t need him?” Dell’Angelo asked White.

“Yeah,” White responded.

“And be a scumbag in negotiations?” Dell’Angelo added.

“No,” White responded. “Do you know Jon Jones’ history? Just to be a scumbag in life. I mean, you could get pretty much every guy who works for me to testify that, yes, I was not happy with Jon Jones’ life choices.”

(h/t MMAFighting)

While Jones always seemed to make all the right moves inside the cage, some of his life choices outside have fallen on the other side of the fence, is likely what White is referring to.

Back in 2015, Jones fled the scene of a traffic incident he was involved in with a pregnant woman, this was followed by a period of substance abuse, then an extreme low when he was arrested for domestic violence following his UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Most recently, the UFC and Zuffa failed to dismiss the antitrust lawsuit, and it is thought that the trial could happen this Spring.

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