Daniel Cormer Asks Jon Jones To ‘Get His Sh-t Together’

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were never really on good terms, but Cormier said he wants to speak to Jones on a “human-to-human level.”

Cormier, who has fought Jones in 2015 and 2017, took to his personal YouTube channel to address Jones’ recent arrest on domestic violence charges, just hours after his fight against Alexander Gustafsson was inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Bones’ former rival, Cormier said that it is time for him to “get his sh-t together,” and back to his old lifestyle.

“It makes me sad that his daughter said (to) call the police.” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “That’s the thing that saddens you. All those little things you’ve got to think that it doesn’t matter who you are, what type of person you are, those things have to really make you look within yourself and make a decision. Because no one’s perfect, but at a point you’ve got to make a decision for not only you – for your daughters, for your fiancée, for your family, for everything. I think right now is that time.”

“But the scariest part about this is in these moments, when people who have issues start to lose their closest allies, they can go one of two ways: One way, they can go to the top and get their sh-t together, or they can actually just plummet. So I think it’s very important for the people that are closest to Jones to help him decide and figure how he’s gonna go forward. This is that slippery slope.”

DC and Jones had some bad blood during their career.

They fought twice and, in both fights, Jones earned victories, but one of them was cancelled because Jones failed a drug test.

However, DC has never had fun with Jones’ bad times, unlike other UFC fighters, who are posting stuff on the internet.

The former light heavyweight champion has been arrested for the sixth time.

Jones, 34, allegedly “smashed his head onto the front hood” of a police vehicle, causing a medium-sized dent and paint chipping during his arrest in the morning of September 24, the police report stated.

The woman, who has been identified as his fiancée, said Jones grabbed her hair to prevent her from leaving a hotel room they were in, but did not hit her, despite officers seeing a swollen lower lip.

The fighter blamed alcohol for the incident.

Jones was also kicked out from his long-time gym.

“We don’t kick people when they’re down,” Cormier said. “In all the build-up when we said nasty things about each other, talked about each other, that’s in the build. That’s whenever this guy’s on his game, he’s getting ready to fight.”

“But when a man’s down, you don’t kick him. You wait until he’s back on his feet. Right now, he’s the furthest thing from his feet. This is a bad place for Jon Jones, especially as the allies start to drop off.”

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