Daniel Dubois Hopes For Fight Against Dillian Whyte

Since 2020, Daniel Dubois has wanted to have one of his next fights with Dillian Whyte.

Being called a quitter by Whyte, the heavyweight champion wants to prove him wrong.

In June, Dubois and Trevor Bryan faced one another, and Dubois won by knockout.

On the other hand, in April during his fight with Tyson Fury, Whyte lost by knockout.

According to Dubois, the fight may be in the works.

“I’m very excited about it. I really want to fight him [Whyte]. If that is the next one then I’m all up for it. It’s the next step in my career and the next step to big names and big fights,” Dubois said to The UniBet Lowdown.

“This is the fight that can take me to the next level, with Dillian Whyte or any of those names. I need to fight him and I need to beat him. These guys saying I am a quitter. I want to get in the ring and show them how much of a quitter I am.

“I want to make them quit. If they can make the fight happen, then make the fight happen. It’s what I want now just to shut them all up and all the guys that have something to say I’ll deal with them. It’s now or never. This is the prime of my life.”

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