Daniel Dubois Sidelined For Five Months Due To Eye Injury

Daniel Dubois will be shelved for at least five months.

Dubois took on Joe Joyce in the main event of a Queensberry Promotions card on November 28. The highly-anticipated heavyweight bout showcased two undefeated fighters looking to take a big step forward on the road to a major championship opportunity. The jab of Joyce proved to be too much for Dubois to handle.

Dubois took a knee in the 10th round and failed to beat the 10-count as his left eye sustained too much damage. Reports surfaced claiming Dubois suffered a broken eye socket.

The Sun is reporting that Dubois won’t be back inside the ring for at least five months. The report also notes that Dubois suffered a bleed on his retina.

Surgeon Mohammed-Ali told Daily Mail that Dubois’ decision to fight another day was the right call as things could’ve been career and life-altering otherwise.

“As someone who’s fixed a lot of orbits, I’d say that it would be safe to discontinue if there’s a suspicion that there’s a fracture or risk of visual loss. It definitely could be a career-ending injury. If the orbit is fractured and the eye moves back, if they receive more blows… it can actually drop down into the sinus. So further damage to the orbit, making the defect even bigger and harder to reconstruct and restore to some sort of function that a professional athlete would require.”

With the loss, Dubois’ pro boxing record falls to 15-1. Once the 23-year-old recovers from the eye injury, he’ll look to get back to the drawing board.

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