Daniel Jacobs vs. Maciej Sulecki Live Results

Daniel Jacobs’ latest test in his quest to return to the middleweight world title picture sees him face off against the undefeated Maciej Sulecki in the main event of a Barclays Center event.

After Jacobs lost to Gennady Golovkin in March 2017, the former WBA champion signed with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing with the goal of facing Golovkin in a rematch. Since signing with Hearn last year, Jacobs defeated Luis Arias and is now looking to defeat Sulecki in order to become the WBA’s mandatory challenger for Golovkin’s title.

Sulecki has been slowly rising up the ranks in boxing, amassing a 26-0 pro boxing record. After spending most of his career in the middleweight ranks, Sulecki opted to fight in the 154-pound division, hoping for a world title opportunity. An offer to fight Jacobs in the main event of a Barclays Center boxing event brought him right back up to middleweight.

In the co-main event, undefeated heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller is looking to send a message to unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua when Miller faces off against former title challenger Johann Duhaupas. Miller, nicknamed “Big Baby,” has knocked out his last nine opponents and is looking to knock out his most experienced opponent yet.

Duhaupas found success in the ring in 2017 after not being able to defeat Deontay Wilder to win the WBC heavyweight title. After losing to Alexander Povetkin in 2016, Duhaupas won his next three fights, earning him the opportunity to fight in a WBA title eliminator against Miller.

Barclays Center April 28 Results:
Middleweight: Daniel Jacobs defeated Maciej Sulecki by unanimous decision (116-111, 117-110, 115-112)
Heavyweight: Jarrell Miller defeated Johann Duhaupas by unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 117-111)

Daniel Jacobs vs. Maciej Sulecki:

Round 1: Sulecki starts off with a couple of jabs and left hooks. Sulecki is on the offensive against the hometown hero Jacobs. Jacobs doesn’t get many opportunities to land clean punches against Sulecki.

Round 2: Sulecki is slick in the center of the round while Jacobs takes the fight up close and nearly headbutt each other by accident. Jacobs throws a series of left jabs followed by right hook.

Round 3: Jacobs starts off with an uppercut to Sulecki’s body. Sulecki almost lands a punch behind Jacobs’ head and Jacobs responds with a couple of body shots and an uppercut to Sulecki’s chin.

Round 4: Jacobs goes to work on Sulecki, landing several strong right hooks upstairs and nearly hurting the unbeaten Polish fighter. Jacobs is getting more confident with his punches.

Round 5: The round starts off well for Jacobs. Sulecki responds with a flurry of punches, which Jacobs defends well against. Jacobs unleashes a number of body punches to Sulecki. The round ends with a great exchange of power punches that gets the crowd going. 

Round 6: Both boxers continue to land their respective punches, but no one appears to be seriously hurt.

Round 7: Sulecki throws a three-punch combo upstairs that splits through Jacobs’ guard. Sulecki unleashes three straight right jabs followed by a strong left jab that connects. Sulecki has taken control of the round, landing several combinations.

Round 8: Sulecki’s jab continues to look good against Jacobs. Jacobs is not going without a fight, opting to attack the body. Jacobs’ hook is landing whenever Jacobs takes the fight up close. Jacobs lands a clean, left jab upstairs.

Round 9: Neither boxer is giving an inch as Sulecki manages to sneak in a few counter jabs at the midway point of the round. Sulecki lands a couple of more jabs while Jacobs lands a strong body uppercut, followed by a right hook to Sulecki’s ribs.

Round 10: Jacobs and Sulecki exchange jabs at the start of the round. Jacobs a right hook to the body and Sulecki throws a couple of right jabs to Jacobs’ head. Jacobs lands a series left hooks and Sulecki fights back as the round ends.

Round 11: The two boxers clinch and box while in the clinch. Sulecki and Jacobs continue to land several jabs upstairs. Both fighters take the fight up close and attack each other with numerous body shots.

Round 12: Jacobs knocks down Sulecki in the opening moments of the final round with a sensational right hook. Sulecki continues to fight back and landing several punches, but Jacobs ends the fight with a tremendous flurry of punches.

Jarrell Miller vs. Johann Duhaupas:

Round 1: Miller is in control of the fight, landing a strong right hook to Duhaupas’ chin halfway through the round. Miller hurts Duhaupas towards the end of the round with another right hook, pressuring the French boxer to the ropes.

Round 2: Miller lands a huge uppercut that splits Duhaupas’ guard and Miller unleashes a flurry of punches to the body. Miller’s punches are slow, but they are effective. Both Miller and Duhaupas land strong right hand at the same time. Duhaupas is starting to land some clean punches and fighting back for the first time in the fight.

Round 3: Duhaupas is working the body early in the round. Both boxers are landing slow, yet strong punches. Each boxer gets an opportunity to land their respective combinations, but neither man is giving an inch.

Round 4: Duhaupas is settling in nicely, not letting Miller bully him around and landing a stiff left jab. Miller starts to pressure forward and lets his hands go on Duhaupas’ body. Miller connects with a strong right hook to Duhaupas’ ribs and Duhaupas is now fighting back.

Round 5: Duhaupas goes head hunting in the opening seconds of the fifth round, landing several left jabs and uppercuts. Miller counters with a right hand and hurts Duhaupas. Miller throws several combinations, but Duhaupas is still up. Miller then connects with two left uppercuts at the end of the round.

Round 6: The round starts with Duhaupas landing a good left hook to Miller’s head. Duhaupas connects a few more and Duhaupas is back in this fight. Miller starts to throw the left jab and they find their mark on Duhaupas’ jaw.

Round 7: Miller lets the right hand go to work at the start of the round. Miller lands a short right uppercut and then unleashes several left hooks on Duhaupas’ jaw. Miller lands a strong right jab that rattled Duhaupas’ jaw.

Round 8: Duhaupas lands a three-punch combination on Miller’s jaw. Miller lands a short right hook to Duhaupas’ body. Miller eats a strong left jab from Duhaupas. The two men have a slugfest towards the end of the round.

Round 9: Both Miller and Duhaupas connect with the left jab at the same time. Miller connects with a strong left uppercut and is in control in the center of the ring. Duhaupas’ resiliency is shown in this round again as he lands a couple of combinations.

Round 10: Miller starts to outbox Duhaupas in the opening seconds of the round. Miller and Duhaupas enter a battle of jabs and Miller is getting the better of the exchanges. Miller takes the fight up close and lands several short combinations. Miller ends the round with a combination that concludes with Miller connecting with a right hook to Duhaupas’ chin.

Round 11: Miller continues to throw the left jab at the start of the round. Miller connects with a left hook upstairs and Miller is back in control of the fight. Duhaupas is now taking every power punch that Miller throws and looks exhausted. Duhaupas defended throughout most of the round while Miller has a field day, landing every punch he can throw.

Round 12: Before the round starts, Duhaupas is checked by ringside doctors, meaning that the fight could get stopped mid-round if Miller continues to land the punches he threw in round 11. Miller continues to throw punches, but not at the rate he did in round 11. Duhaupas lands a three-punch combination upstairs and is trying his best to get back into the fight. Duhaupas lands a good uppercut and then throws several punches to Miller’s body. The fight ends with Miller throwing a combination of punches that nearly knocks down Duhaupas.


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