David Avanesyan Files Complaint With Nebraska Athletic Commission Over Crawford’s Defective Gloves

Crawford knocked Avanesyan out in the sixth round.

Though Terence Crawford wasn’t found guilty for his faulty gloves this past Saturday, his opponent David Avanesyan isn’t convinced about it. 

Avanesyan reportedly filed an official complaint with the Nebraska Athletic Commission, which addresses the fact that Crawford was permitted to continue his WBO welterweight defense with defective boxing gloves. 

The referee had paused the action after Crawford’s gloves busted opening during the sixth round, but after briefly showing the commission who was ringside, Crawford was given the green light to continue.  

The commission and referee had agreed to allow the round to proceed before switching out to the second pair of gloves that were approved. 

Just moments later, the Nebraska native recorded a highlight reel sixth-round knockout. 

“I have serious concerns over the issue that preceded the stoppage, specifically relating to a clear and obvious defect in Terence Crawford’s glove(s) and the origination of the same, which do not appear to be the exact gloves presented at the rules meeting,” Neil Marsh, Avanesyan’s manager, wrote to NAC deputy athletic commissioner Brian Dunn in an official letter, obtained by Boxing Scene.  

“I am sure you are aware that prior to the knockout both the Referee and Commission raised concern that the stuffing was visibly coming out of a split glove(s) of Terence Crawford which was sufficient for a ‘Time-out’ to be called. 

“The Referee correctly called the Time-Out and consulted the Commission, and I assume the WBO Supervisor who inspected the defective Glove/s before the Referee stating – “Let this round go then go and get another one.” Allowing the fight to continue was, in my view, both irresponsible and negligent and such action placed Avanesyan in additional danger.” 

“Rarely do new Gloves disintegrate in this manner and Everlast have vast experience in manufacturing,” the complaint pointed out. “However, used Gloves can split at the seams which raises suspicion as to whether these Gloves had been previously worn and dried, weakening the construction and stitching. 

“However, whatever the cause, the fact remains that these Gloves were defective, and this became apparent during a contest and, even when highlighted by the Referee, no action was taken, and Avanesyan was knocked-out by a fighter wearing defective and potentially dangerous Gloves. I am sure I do not need to stress that the legitimacy of this fight and the result must be brought into question if these Gloves are found to be contrary to the regulations.” 

“… “We wish to investigate the timeline and process that was followed from the presentation of these Gloves at the WBO Rules Meeting to the moment during the fight, just before the knock-out, where the Referee and Commission both raised concern as to the apparent fault in Crawford’s Gloves.” 

Both gloves were affected, the thumb portion of the right glove was completely open and revealed padding. 

It is required of all promoters to supply only new gloves for all main events and title fights. The commission must then approve and seal the two pairs. 

On Tuesday, Everlast took responsibility for the incident. 

“During the development cycle of the custom fight gloves used in Crawford vs. Avanesyan a batch of defective leather was used in production resulting in a malfunction during the competition,” Everlast wrote in its statement.  

“In such cases, Everlast follows proper protocol by providing back up competition pairs to be replaced pending a decision by the sanctioning body overseeing the fight.  

“A stoppage was called to review the equipment malfunction and the commission deemed the equipment was still suitable for competition. No foul play was at hand, nor was there any tampering of the product on behalf of Terence Crawford and his camp.” 

At the time of this writing, Crawford is still credited for the win and knockout, making his record 39-0 with 30 knockouts. 

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