David Benavidez Looking Forward To Battle Big Puncher David Lemieux

Two-time super middleweight titleholder, David Benavidez, will be locking horns with a guy with the same mentality as him, David Lemieux on Saturday.

The No.1 ranked fighter by The Ring says he cannot wait for the upcoming battle.

“I am feeling good and healthy. I have worked really hard to be in this position. I know others tell the same, but this has been a very good buildup. He is also a very good fighter. I have been watching him since my childhood,” Benavidez said.

“He has got a lot of firepower, but I feel that there are holes in his game that I can attack. There are things I have studied where I can take the initiative. Even though I am a 168-pounder, I can fight up to the capacity of 175 pounds,” Benavidez added.

Although the 25-year-old always looks to be optimistic about his opponent, he understands the size of the task that he has.

“Every fight is dangerous in today’s day and age. This is where the training camp has a role to play, to prepare you for physical fights such as this,” Benavidez added.

“You don’t just go by the things you will do. You also study opponents and look at their dynamics. Then you create strategies to minimize what they can do to you. In such difficult fights, one wrong move can decide the battle,” Benavidez said.

“In all the fights that I have fought, I like to keep my distance and use my jab. I will definitely try not to get hit with every punch. Every punch feels like an added vitamin to the boxer in these fights,” Benavidez concluded.

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