David Benavidez Takes Out Roamer Alexis Angulo, Super-Middleweight Title Still Vacant

Although he was no longer fighting for anything, David Benavidez was ready to prove his dominance in the ring. It might have taken longer than expected, but the 22-year-old was able to prove his point.

Inside the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT, Benavidez took care of Roamer Alexis Angulo following a corner retirement TKO after ten. As a result of him missing weight before the fight, Benavidez was unable to take home the WBC Super-Middleweight Title.

“Hopefully I get another chance to fight for the WBC title again,” Benavidez stated after the fight. “I’m not going to ask for another shot right away. If they want to give it to me, good, If not, I don’t mind going to the back of the line and starting my way back up from the bottom.”

Benavidez started the fight off with multiple jabs, which would be a theme throughout the night. He missed a hook and Angulo, who made weight for the fight, tried for one of his own. Benavidez would then land shots to the head and more jabs. Angulo hit power punches while Benavidez ended the round with overhand shots.

Round two saw Angulo land several jabs until Benavidez fought back with a few rights. He landed one-two combinations and one big hook that pushed Angulo back. Benavidez would hit jabs that would go through the defense of Angulo. The latter would try to rush Benavidez against the ropes, but Benavidez was not having any of it. He would snap the head of Angulo back and then land combination power shots to the body of Angulo. The round ended with a left shot to the body.

Both were trading shots to start round four. Benavidez’s hands were down as he was getting extremely confident. He would attack the body and face of Angulo with jabs and would avoid any major damage thrown. It was more of the same in the fifth, as Benavidez would end up hitting 79 shots compared to 13 power punches by Angulo.

Angulo would back Benavidez up in round six, but Benavidez countered with nine straight jabs in a row. His defense was impeccable, just like his offense. Angulo would hit a sweeping left hook, but the seventh saw Benavidez dissect his body with a variety of blows. Round eight saw Benavidez land clear shots to the face, and then combinations. Angulo kept on going forward, however, and landed one-two jab combinations. He would have Benavidez against the ropes but Benavidez seemed unbothered.

Round nine saw Benavidez get tagged in the gut but Benavidez circled away and controlled the rest of the action. Angulo never got a chance to cut off the ring and ended up getting hit by body shots. Benavidez would continue his attack with straight right shots in the tenth. Whether it was a body or short shots to the head, Benavidez was putting on a striking display. He would land an uppercut through the defense of Angulo and another.

As the fight was going towards the eleventh, Angulo’s corner saw the damage that was being done and called the fight off.

Benavidez now has 20 wins via some form of knockout. He will look to go for his third attempt at the WBC Super-Middleweight Title now. “Red Flag” is also interested in faced Caleb Plant.

Angulo is now 3-2 in his last five fights and just had his three-fight win streak come to an end.

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