David Morrell Knocks Out Aidos Yerbossnuly Late In 12-Round Bout

David Morrell was right about his prediction — it just wasn’t the right round.

Morrell dropped Aidos Yerbossynuly two times before knocking him out in the 12th round. At the pre-fight press conference on Thursday, Morrell said he’d knockout Yerbossynuly in the eighth round.

Morrell opened the but by landing a right to the body and then a right uppercut. Morrell then knocked Yerbossynuly off balance.

The following rounds were much of the same as Yerbossynuly ate several hard head shots. The Kazakhstan boxer was then left with a bloody face as a result of Morrell’s power and speed.

In the eighth round, Morrell blasted his opponent with a right hand to the body.

By the 11th round, Yerbossnuly seemed dazed. It wasn’t until the final round that the referee called off the bout after going down a second time.

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