Davis And Garcia Double Down On Their IG Bet – ‘Trying To Make It Official, Bring It On’

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia have repeated their commitment to make their Instagram bet official, as they prepare to face each other on April 22nd, 2023, right here on pay-per-view.

The pair sent the internet ablaze when they made a public announcement to bet their entire purse to be given to the winner.

While boxers have teased the possibility of this before, as shown by Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, very few actually follow through with it.

The latter two failed to formalize it into writing, which is why there are still some doubts about Davis and Garcia’s intention.

The pair arrived at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, for their Grand Arrivals. During the course of that process, the duo were asked about the status of their current bet.

Garcia’s comments were less conclusive, as he chose to mock Davis’ green purse, which was evident at the pre-fight presser, as opposed to the fight purse.

Meanwhile, Davis was more forthcoming, making it clear that he was looking to make it official.

“I just hope that he’s not talking about the purse he wears. That’s all I’m worried about. We are not talking about the purse you’re wearing; we’re talking about the whole fight purse. Let’s bring it on,” Garcia 

“I’m trying to make it official, you know what I mean? We’ve been calling his adviser and things like that, so hopefully, we can get it done,” Davis

Despite this being the case, Conor McGregor has laughed off the intention. Instead, the UFC star urged all fighters to take a more realistic stance.

Regardless of whether the bet happens, both fighters know that their legacy is on the line. And there is no getting away from that.

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