Davis Blames Garcia For The Rehydration Clause-‘He Wanted To Be Lazy, Have Some Advantage’

According to Gervonta Davis, he would not have included a 10-pound rehydration clause in the contract if Ryan Garcia had accepted to fight him at 135 pounds.

The duo are set to face each other on April 22nd, 2023, in what will be the biggest fight in boxing in recent memory.

While that may be the case, much has been made about the weight stipulations that were added. In his last fight, Garcia fought Javier Fortuna at 140 lbs, and he walked away with a sixth-round knockout.

But his attempts to fight Tank at the same weight fell short, as he made it clear during their pre-fight presser that Davis had ‘weight-drained’ him.

The fight will now be held at a catchweight of 136 pounds with a 10-pound rehydration clause. In response, Davis has received criticism from boxing enthusiasts for using a sneaky and dishonorable tactic.

And yet, given that Garcia had allegedly asked Fortuna to fight at 135 lbs before moving up to 140, Davis could not understand the criticism coming his way.

In his comments, he said: “I just think he wanted to be lazy and not train as hard. When he fights at 135, he has to work to make the weight. No, there wouldn’t have been [if the fight was at 135]. I think he’s trying to find a way to have some advantage.”


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