Davis Confronts Haney Face-To-Face

Gervonta Davis confronted Devin Haney in a face-to-face altercation. 

Davis and Haney are not on good terms. Before Haney boxed Ryan Garcia, The Dream accused Davis of ducking him. Haney said any fight could only happen at 140 without a rehydration clause. Following Haney’s loss to Ryan Garcia, Davis trolled Haney, asking if his ‘jaw’ was fine. Tank also defended Garcia following his failed VADA test for Ostarine, saying he believed Ryan was innocent.

As Davis prepares to fight Frank Martin on June 15, he took his time out to approach Haney. The boxer first pictured himself near Haney’s truck. That was followed by an in-person interaction. The following video clip shows Davis and Haney trading words. Their respective entourage was keeping them apart. Haney then proceeded to get into his vehicle. 

The incident could have been done to promote Davis’ fight with Martin, given the boxing world is talking about the aftermath of Haney-Garcia. It also allows Davis to promote a future fight with Haney following Tank’s news that he has signed a 6-7 fight deal. That has set up the narrative for Davis vs. Haney.


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