Davis Vs. Garcia Exclusive Interview, Both Fighters Clash – ‘That S**t Is Trash, You’re Ugly’

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia faced off for the last time before their weigh-in today, as they readied themselves for their mega clash on April 22nd, 2023, which you can order right here on pay-per-view.

As the final presser came to a close, FIGHT SPORTS caught up with the two fighters in an exclusive interview. 

Davis and Garcia both talked up their chances in a fight that will define the ‘new face of boxing.’

But in doing so, tempers flared as the two fighters got into a heated altercation. Here’s exactly what went down between the two. 

Gervonta Davis

On De La Hoya picking Ryan: “He’s just trying to play mind games, I guess, get his guy into the fight. But I don’t know. They don’t even like each other, Oscar and Ryan, so it’s just selling the fight I think.”

On why he will win: “He’s just not better than me. He’s not an overall like[great]…nowhere near my level.”

On dealing with Ryan’s height: “Barrios was a little taller, so we are going to go in there and figure him out and we’ll break him down [as] the rounds go on.”

On Garcia’s left hook: “I mean that’s all he has, I think. That’s all he has, that’s all he has. And his, he messed up his left hand, so that ain’t going to be nothing.”

On Ryan’s mindset: “I mean, he might come ready, for sure. He got a beast in front of him, but that don’t mean nothing. That don’t mean nothing.”

On Haney wanting the winner: “[No] pressure. Pressure for what. That guy can’t crack an egg. Why do I have pressure about him? That guy ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Heated Altercation

Then out of nowhere, the interview took a turn for the worse as Davis mocked Garcia over the state of his outfit. 

Davis: “That s**t is weak…That s**t is trash. That s**t is trash. That s**t is trash.That s**t is trash…That whole fit is probably like $500. 

“That’s the one [Garcia’s entourage] that was with him when I grabbed his chain. That’s the one right there when I grabbed his chain.”

Thereafter, Davis proceeded to flash some money in his face and called out a member of Garcia’s entourage as the latter retaliated. 

Garcia: “Hey, I don’t care what you wear. You’re ugly. Hey hold that real hot…you’ll know one day when you grow up. That ain’t what it [money] really is about brother.”

Davis: “Yes, it is [as Davis flashed some cash]. Yes, it is. Yes, it is. I’m a prize fighter stupid. I’m a prize fighter stupid.”

Ryan Garcia

On why money doesn’t matter: “For me it’s about defeating the best. Defeating the best fighters that are in my heart. The money is gonna come with it. Everybody knows you got money. That’s not something that is profound. 

“We know you got money. But do you got the heart of a champion…You know legends are [things] that surpass the money. It surpasses boxing, it’s something deeper. That’s what I search everyday. 

“So that’s what it means to me. Everyday I wake up, asking and searching, what do I need to do. You know what I mean, that transcends past boxing. 

“That’s what’s in my heart. You know, to impact people, to sacrifice for people, so that they can find motivation, inspiration around the world. That’s what I look to do everyday.”


Why he will beat Davis: “I’m just me man. I just don’t lose. I just don’t lose. That’s just what it is. You know I’ve always been this way as a kid and through that I’m chasing the same thing. It’s led me to victory every time, why would I deny it now. 

“No matter how big the stage gets, no matter how big the opponent is, if I just follow the same thing that has been guiding me, I’m gonna have victory the same way against Gervonta Davis as if I had fought Mike Tyson. I just know it.”

On just having a left hook: “I mean, it’s his ignorance. Not mine. For sure, [it’s gonna be an early night.] 100 percent. Guaranteed. An early night.”

As the fight draws nearer, make sure you check it out right here on FIGHT SPORTS MAX.

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