Davis Vs. Haney Sparring – ‘What Happened?’

The full sparring session of Devin Haney with Gervonta Davis was posted, giving a different perspective on the encounter. 

The first clip was leaked by Ryan Garcia, showing Davis dominating Haney. It was an edited version, which, in hindsight, was designed to make Davis look better. Tank did work with Mayweather Promotions, while Team Haney is not on the best of terms with Mayweather. The full sparring session shows Haney holding his own. In one segment of the clip, Haney can be seen hitting Garcia at the side of the head. While sparring does not fully reflect what can happen in the ring, Haney initially hit out at Mayweather for leaking it.

“Floyd has been hating a long time. This ain’t just starting. I held my tongue for years because I respect the greats of the sport. But dude is a bonafide hater that doesn’t wanna see nobody win if he’s not a part of it! I know he sent Ryan the sparring [footage] … I know he gave Ryan those ‘pimp’ comments to say [at the press conference]. Miserable old man tried to [originally] stop the fight. Alhamdulillah I’m happy he revealed himself to the world,” Devin Haney stated

The full footage also reflects the breakdown in the relationship between Mayweather and Tank. It was posted on the same day as Davis’ KO win over Frank Martin. Tank suggested Mayweather was held in Dubai due to debts. Mayweather responded with a video of Davis dancing and posted a call-out video of Shakur Stevenson wanting Davis. The footage will only increase the demand to see Davis vs. Haney. 


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