Davis Wants To “Kill” Garcia

While he has a fight waiting for him on February 14th,  Ryan Garcia wants all the smoke from Gervonta Davis.

Davis has claimed if Garcia signs a contract to fight him that the Baltimore native will “kill” Garcia if he steps in the ring with him. Garcia’s reply is simple, “Let’s fight in December.”

“I’m already the bigger star,” Garcia (19-0) told TMZ on Wednesday as he prepares for Francisco Fonseca inside the Honda Center on Valentine’s Day.

“Now, I’m about to prove who’s the better boxer, and that’s me.”

While Garcia feels he’s the better boxer, Davis is channeling Ivan Drago and Deontay Wilder when asked of the Golden Boy prospect.

“I will kill him,” Davis told the gossip site on Tuesday while addressing his issues with Garcia.

“I’m being quiet and wait till that contract signed and then you will see the bad guy vs the good guy and I’m taking that role proudly.”


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