Davison Talks Fury’s Comeback

On the road to his comeback to the ring, Tyson Fury announced that he parted ways with his uncle and trainer Peter Fury, and hired Ben Davison to head the corner.

While it was Peter who put together the game plan that helped defeat Wladimir Klitschko,  Fury sought a change after overcoming a serious battle with depression and substance abuse.

Even Davison admits that he was surprised when Fury approached him for the training job.

“Tyson asked me, at the time, if I’d train him for his comeback. I told him to take his time [with a decision] because he had a lot of success with his uncle Peter. Tyson was adamant this was the decision he wanted, and I could see he was hungry for it,” Davison told Sky Sports.

“We have a rough date, April or May, and a full training camp will commence very soon. He has to make weight, look good, feel good, be fit and strong, be mentally prepared – it is an all-round package and that is what a training camp will bring. We are training twice a day, he is eating clean, his weight has come down, and he is making progress with his body fat stats. You have to measure it because if you keep him flat-out for too long he might burn out.”

Davison is very impressed with the boxer’s ability and skills.

Davison saw in only a few days of training, that Fury was capable of doing just about everything in the ring and believes he has all of the necessary tools to get back to the top of the division.

“The motivation and skills are still there. We all know what Tyson can do. But I thought: ‘can he do this?’ He might have to do different things against different opponents. Tyson can do it all. He can fight orthodox, he can box orthodox, he can fight southpaw, he can box southpaw. He can box off the back foot, he can box coming forward. He can counter-punch. He has genuinely got it all,” Davison said.

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