De La Hoya Admits Drunken Training Camp For Pacquiao, Offers Broner Advice

Oscar De La Hoya recalled his turbulent training camp for the Manny Pacquiao fight in 2008 during his documentary ‘The Golden Boy.’ 

The bout offered much, as Pacquiao moved up two-weight divisions to face De La Hoya at a catchweight of 145 pounds.

There was a perception that De La Hoya’s size would prove too much for ‘Pacman’ even if the Mexican was at a career-low weight since 1997 when he fought at junior welterweight. 

As things would turn out, Pacquaio dominated proceedings as he scored an eighth-round stoppage as De La Hoya retired.

However, it turns out that the Golden Boy promoter did not have the best preparation as he began drinking in camp. 

“I was always the first one to wake up and go running. I was always the last one at the gym. At this point, I’m struggling and I had to be pushed. I needed to find a way to win.

“I was starting to feel all the years of taking punches. I knew this was my last fight, but I couldn’t tell anybody. My team was relying on me to win. It was my secret. I felt alone. And for the first time, I was drunk during camp.”

“I knew right there and then it was just over. I knew I was going to get beat up. I was going to lose, but something called me back. Just give me that one last time,” De La Hoya

De La Hoya On Broner

At the same time, De La Hoya reassured Adrien Broner in light of his struggles. 

Broner’s comeback against Bill Hutchinson has been followed up by a lot of controversy, despite getting a unanimous-decision win.

‘AB’ had recently been spotted in an interview with alcohol in his hand, as he walked out, in a manner showing that he was in discomfort.

After all, Broner has been dealing with bankruptcy, alcohol addiction and mental health issues in the past which caused him to walk away from the sport. 

“The craziest thing, though, there isn’t [anyone] like me…I gotta go, call the jet. Send me to Cincinnati. I gotta go,” Broner

With that being said, De La Hoya was able to relate to the star, given he also had his own personal issues.

The Mexican recalled in his documentary, ‘The Golden Boy,’ how he had suffered physical abuse as a child from his mother.

Not only that, but the former world champion has had issues with alcohol and drugs. 

As such, De La Hoya left the door open for any assistance that he could provide. 

“I’m glad that you’re still in the game. I love Adrien Broner, I took him to Afghanistan with me on the USO tour. I  can understand all the s**t he is going through. I can guide you. Just come and ask me because I’ve been there and I’ve done that,” De La Hoya

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