De La Hoya: AT&T Merger Was The End Of HBO Boxing

In the wake of HBO’s Boxing demise, Golden Boy Promotions pivoted to a five year deal with DAZN. When asked why he believes HBO closed, Golden Boy Promotions CEO pointed towards HBO’s new parent company.

Over the summer of 2018, Time Warner, HBO’s parent company would merge with telecommunications giant AT&T, who the promoter believes didn’t care about boxing.

“I strongly feel that… I don’t think that there was anybody there, in the upper brass, that really cared about boxing, that really had the passion for the sport – especially with the merger with AT&T. I just don’t think there was a passion there anymore. Look, I love Peter Nelson, you know, but I just don’t feel that anybody above him had a passion for boxing anymore,” De La Hoya told

“Digital platforms like DAZN are coming to the rescue. DAZN is a digital platform that wants to compete with ESPN and the big boys of the digital world. They are forking over the big dollars to secure the rights to the biggest stars, like Canelo Alvarez and Anthony Joshua, on their platform. We strongly feel that the time is now, the message is right – that times are changing,” De La Hoya said of his new partners, who signed Golden Boy’s top-fighter Canelo Alvarez to a record $365 million deal in late 2018.

“People don’t want to be told what to watch, when to watch, where to watch anymore. People are watching on their phones, on their tables, on their computers, on their Smart TVs. It’s about time.”

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