De La Hoya: “Canelo/GGG Can Be Biggest Middleweight Fight In History”

Earlier today, Golden Boy Promotions hosted a media conference call featuring Canelo Alvarez who is set to face against Gennady Golovkin on September 16th in Las Vegas. On the call aside from Alvarez were his trainers Eddy and Jose Reynoso and Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions (the promoter for this fight) Oscar De La Hoya.

Here are a few notes of interest from that call.

Biggest Fight of 2017

To start the call, De La Hoya called this bout the “biggest boxing event of 2017,” possibly making a slight towards the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather clash taking place two weeks before GGG and Alvarez face off.

Not only that, but Alvarez and De La Hoya believe this could be one of the greatest, if not THE greatest fight in the history of the middleweight division, if not the biggest.

 By far this is the biggest — probably in the history of the middleweight division.
Q. Bigger than Hagler-Hearns? Bigger than those types of fights?
 I mean obviously we have to wait for the actual fight to see what unfolds and takes place, but in terms of magnitude, in terms of PR, in terms of attention that it’s receiving, in terms of people that will be watching, yeah, this has to be the biggest. And obviously we will have to wait until September 16th to see if it’s going to be the best, which I think it will be, in the history of the middleweight division. But it has all the ingredients to unfold to be one of the best fights in the last 30 years. So you know, obviously the indications tell us that this will be a huge block buster.

Not only that, when asked by Salvador Rodriguez of ESPN Desportes, the 27 year old middleweight believes this has all of the ingredients to be the biggest fight in the history of Mexican boxing.

 You know, obviously there’s been many great historic Mexican fights with Mexican fighters. In this fight, yeah, it’s on that caliber. Can it be the best? Well, it really depends how the fight comes out. But yes, the ingredients are there, so it could be a great fight.


GGG has never been knocked down, neither has Alvarez, and some laud Golovkin for his punching power, and the question of Canelo’s punching power was brought into question during the call. When asked about those doubting Alvarez’s ability to put GGG down, the Mexican middleweight believes either man can win by knockout and that they have the ingredients to both bring each other to a ten count.

With the fight happening in Las Vegas, which has become somewhat of a homefield for Alvarez, he claims that it doesn’t matter where the fight is located, especially against a world class opponent like Golovkin.

When you’re fighting a veteran like Golovkin, a professional champion like Golovkin, you know, having more fights in Las Vegas is not an advantage. He’s going to be ready to fight and he’ll be ready to fight anywhere. So I don’t think it’s an advantage.

When asked about his evolution as a fighter since facing Floyd Mayweather.

I’ve definitely learned a lot. I have more experience now. I feel more confident. I’m more of a mature fighter now. Obviously not just that fight, but the fights that followed have got me to this point. But yes, I’ve changed and I learned from it, and I just feel I’m more of a complete fighter now. I have more experience, and the confidence is probably the one thing that I can point out the most.


When De La Hoya, a major detractor of the Mayweather and Mcgregor fight was asked about the fight that comes two weeks prior to his, he says that fans are recognizing that his fight with GGG is a “real fight” a “serious fight.”

We’re concentrating on our fight. We’re concentrating on our event, our fight. Obviously we have the real fight. We have a serious fight. This is a serious fight, a serious event. Two of the best fighters fighting each other. And I think that the fans have recognized that. And they’ve recognized that, and so have the sponsors and a lot of the media people. They’ve recognized that this is the real fight. This is the fight that they want to be at. This is the fight that they want to see. A clear indication is we sold out in ten days. And I feel like that the fans are recognizing that this is the fight that is the real fight. And that’s what they want.

Prior to the Mayweather signing, Conor McGrergor called out Canelo Alvarez in 2016. When asked on whether or not he’d face the UFC champion.

If that miracle was to happen, then it’s a different conversation. You know, if that miracle was to happen. But I doubt it very much.

Just over a month away, both men continue to prepare for battle, it will be interesting to see when these two men gain the media cycle after August 26th, how much power they will be able to wield inside the ring, and inside the boardroom.


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