De La Hoya Checks Romero And Ellerbe Over Their Criticism

Oscar De La Hoya has slammed Rolando Romero and Leonard Ellerbe’s criticism.

The Golden Boy promoter was scrutinized for his conduct over the Ryan Garcia and Rolando Romero fight breaking down. Garcia pulled out of talks with Devin Haney, increasing hopes he would face Romero for his WBA Junior Welterweight Belt. De La Hoya blamed Romero for wanting too much money, meaning Rolly signed to face Isaac Cruz. Romero then hit out at De La Hoya for trying to make a fight behind his back during negotiations. 

“F— Princess Ryan Garcia, f Oscar De La Fishnets, and f DAZN, the stiest streaming network out there, for wasting my time and more important wasting the entire boxing world’s time.

“It’s disgusting to see how you guys do business, then trying to go behind my back offering [Isaac Cruz] an offer, then claiming I [priced myself out]. Y’all fed up. Now it’s Rolly vs Pitbull on Amazon Prime, the largest network in boxing history. This fight is an explosion,” Romero said

Ellerbe followed up those comments by hitting out at the offer.

“Well, he got a s****y offer from that other situation [Golden Boy], so this is actually the better fight. Timing is everything and it’s all about Rolly defending his title in a huge fight, first fight on Amazon Prime. Can’t wait to see him knock Pitbull out,” Ellerbe stated 

De La Hoya now has the task of getting Garcia a big fight. Ryan has reentered talks with Devin Haney, hoping to fight on April 20. He may have less pulling power this time since he was the one who pulled the plug initially. Just as he is trying to get Garcia the biggest fights, De La Hoya fired shots at his detractors. 

Rolly saying ‘oh, f**k Golden Boy,’ and like relax, dude. The fight’s not against me…if I would’ve fought you I would’ve knocked your a** out easy. But you’re not fighting me so just keep it cool. Trust me, it would’ve been the most money he would’ve ever made in any fight,” De La Hoya said


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