De La Hoya Explains Profane Tweet

Last Friday, a day before Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather would face off, De La Hoya took to social media to call out both fighters  and say they were disrespecting boxing by going forward with this fight.


De La Hoya explained on the Dan Patrick Show that he was simply tired of fans paying money to watch Mayweather in pay-per-view bouts where the opponents had no chance of winning.

“Of course [I was mad], because I was defending the sport of boxing. This fight, Mayweather vs. McGregor, was a form of a scam and fraud. Mayweather, for the first four rounds, didn’t do anything. When has Mayweather not done anything for the first four rounds? And ironically the fight gets stopped in the tenth round and reports are that Mayweather bet on himself in the tenth round. This is what people were suckered into. I just want to tell people that this is what Mayweather is and I’m tired of it.

De La Hoya doubts the contest will do any damage to the sport of boxing, and more importantly for him the upcoming Canelo Alvarez- Gennady Golovkin fight, as recently questioned in an opinion piece here on FIGHT SPORTS.

“I don’t think it will [hurt boxing], because we have this great, great fight coming up with Canelo and Triple G. I just feel bad for the fans who paid their hard earned money for it – that’s all. A lot of people were telling me at the StubHub Center, where we were promoting Cotto, which by the way was a sell-out, that they were really disappointed [with Mayweather-McGregor] but they were happy because coming up was Canelo and Triple G.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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