De La Hoya Looks Back At His Career With Regrets – ‘I Didn’t Live Up To My Potential’

Oscar De La Hoya looked back on his career with regrets during his documentary ‘The Golden Boy.’

Such a revelation may sound surprising, given that De La Hoya is one of the most-renowned fighters to have ever existed.

A career that included 11 world championship titles in six different weight divisions made him a global superstar.

Not only that, but De La Hoya also claimed an Olympic Gold, showing his amateur pedigree.

And yet, for all the success that may have come his way, De La Hoya was not entirely satisfied.

“There is no turning back. Once I get to the top, I am not satisfied. I won 11 world titles in six different weight classes. Who in the f*** is not satisfied with that? But I didn’t live up to my potential inside of the ring. I could have given a lot more. I could have been,” De La Hoya

And looking back, the Mexican did wish things had turned out better. In some of his biggest fights, De La Hoya ultimately came up short.

A split-decision loss against Floyd Mayweather made ‘TBE’ the new cash cow of the division, as De La Hoya was on the decline.

In addition, a loss to Manny Pacquiao also followed. And thereafter, De La Hoya admitted he did start drinking for the ‘Manny’ camp, as things may have been different.

“If Oscar would’ve focused 100% on his fights, he would’ve been better. If his buddies hadn’t come along with their little parties so he could destroy himself, for me, it would have turned out differently,” De La Hoya’s father Joel Sr.

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