De La Hoya: “You Never Tell A Fighter To Retire”

On November 24th, Chuck Liddell will fight for the first time in over a decade, his friend and former boss Dana White doesn’t want him to.

When asked about White telling Liddell to retire in 2008 following a string of knockout losses, Golden Boy MMA promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, said it’s not up to White.

“Being a fighter myself, I would never, ever, like somebody to tell me that I should retire,” De La Hoya told MMAjunkie.” “You never tell a fighter to retire. That’s his business. It’s the fighter’s business.

“Imagine if I would have told George Foreman to retire. Imagine if I would have told Bernard Hopkins at 51 years old to retire. He would have never won the world title. Imagine somebody tells Floyd (Mayweather), you’re already 40 years old, you should retire. You don’t tell fighters to retire. It’s in their blood. It’s in their heart.”

“I don’t think Chuck Liddell should be fighting, and that’s why I begged him to retire 10 years ago,” White said when rumors of a trilogy fight with Ortiz surfaced. “I hope it’s very lucrative for him and he does well.”

“Chuck Liddell has earned it,” De La Hoya said of Liddell’s readiness for this fight with Ortiz. “He’s looking in phenomenal shape; he’s training like there’s no tomorrow. He wants to build a team and have this trilogy with Tito, which I strongly feel is going to be one of the best trilogies that’s ever-taken place in the MMA world. So, let it be.”

Initial Report: MMAJunkie

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